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Get the vision
that you deserve

Our optometrists and team tailor your consultation to meet your needs and provide you with an optimised eyecare experience to provide you the ideal visual solution to meet your needs. 

About Athenry Opticians

We preserve, enhance,
and protect your vision

When it comes to your eye sight you simply cannot afford to compromise. We will take the time to understand your eye care needs in depth and carefully explain why certain tests may be necessary for you. Our optometrists will ensure your eye examination is performed with excellence in mind.

By utilizing cutting edge diagnostic equipment we can pick up problems earlier and get them seen to immediately. This means better and more reassuring eye examinations for you.

Athenry Opticians Services

We provide a variety of
Services to our patients

Including eye examinations, contact lens fitting, dry eye assessment, orthokeratology, behavioural optometry, vision therapy and styling consultations using the most advanced technology available. 


Eye examination

We rely on our sight in all aspects of daily life and therefore an eye examination is essential to monitor eye health and maintain the best vision possible.

Retinal Imaging

As part of our commitment to provide you with the very highest standard of eye care, we include Retinal imaging as standard in our comprehensive eye examinations.

Vision & Learning

As over 80% of our learning comes through vision, an efficient visual systems plays an integral part in how we learn and acquire information in school, play and the workplace.

Athenry Opticians Products

We provide a variety of
Products to our patients

Our patient’s ongoing eye care is very important to us. Through our online portal, our patients can order repeat prescriptions of contact lenses, cleaning products, eye drops and more. If there is something that you specifically need via our online store, please contact us directly.

    If you have any questions schedule an appointment
    with our Optometrist OR call us on (091) 850546 / (095) 30995 

    Athenry Opticians Eye Health

    We provide a variety of
    information to our patients

    Your eye health is very important. The more informed you are about particular conditions, the better your eye health will be, as you take better care and more preventative measures over your lifetime. During your eye examination, our optometrists will discuss you eye health in detail with you.

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