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Galway’s Eye Discomfort, Diagnosis and Treatment Clinic

Are your eyes uncomfortable and sore? Are your eyes watery or dry or perhaps your eyes are red, itchy and uncomfortable or does it take them a while to “get going” in the morning. Why not book an appointment for our IDRA Dry Eye Evaluation to find the cause of your discomfort and have a treatment plan tailor made for you.  

Identifying the cause of dry and watery eyes is the initial step toward finding a solution. Our comprehensive consultation includes a thorough examination, along with the capability to scan your glands and assess any internal damage to the eyelids.

Upon determining the underlying cause of your dry eye, our clinicians can create a tailored treatment and management plan, considering your symptoms and clinical findings. Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, we employ cutting-edge solutions such as the BlephEx technology and Intense Pulse Light treatment to address the condition effectively.

What Does It involve?

At your initial eye discomfort assessment we use a questionnaire to establish your level of discomfort, we then perform a detailed analysis of the front of your eyes, your tear film, and your meibomian (oil-producing eyelid) glands to diagnose the cause of your discomfort. 

Based on your assessment and individual diagnosis you will be given a management plan that suits you.

Treatment for Evaporative Dry Eye

IPRL (intense regulated pulsed light) is commonly known for its use in the aesthetic industry, it is also a proven effective treatment for meibomian gland dysfunction (one of the most common causes of evaporative dry eye and eye discomfort) and for demodex.

Meibomask show your dry watery eyes you care.

Light Modulation® Low-level Light Therapy is a unique, light-based photobiomodulation technology createded by espansione group.

It is different to Red Light Therapy- LM®LLLT treats deeper into the cellular level to treat Dry Eye Disease and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. The science behind the photobiomodulationaccording to theespansione group are summarised a:

  • Improves cells metabolism due to increased ATP production within mitochondria
  • Reduces inflammation by regulating anti-oxidant defences and reducing oxidative stress
  • Light-induced activation of transcription factors and signalling pathways

At the level of the meibomian glands, this potentially enables repair and improvement in their function to produce better meibum quality. Additionally, photoactivation of the cells promotes heating from within the glands or ‘endogenous heating’ thereby encouraging better meibum flow.

The treatment is delivered using the meibomask®. Each session involves wearing the mask for up to 15 minutes. Whilst keeping their eyes closed, the patient will have a similar experience to sitting in the sun on a hot day- without the burning sensation! The treatment area covers all the upper and lower eyelid areas including the forehead down to the mid-cheek area.For those with mild to moderate dry eye disease, this therapy can be used as a standalone treatment. We recommend a course of 4 sessions that can be done at weekly intervals. It is also a repeatable treatment. We particularly recommend this treatment for those who experience recurrent chalazia (eyelid cysts).

We also offer the treatment in conjunction to our IPL treatment protocol. This is recommended for those with moderate to severe dry eye.  The combined IPL and LLLT treatment is our most comprehensive light therapy for dry eye.LLLT is a completely painless and safe treatment.

Other Treatments for Dry
or Watery Eyes

Other Treatments for Dry or Watery Eyes

Depending on your assessment and diagnosis we offer a range of effective treatments including punctal plugs, tear duct syringing, meibomian gland expression and nutritional and lifestyle advice.

If you have any questions schedule an appointment
with our Optometrist OR call us on (091) 850546 / (095) 30995