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What is Orthokeratology

Orthokeratology is considered by many to be a viable alternative to Laser Eye Surgery. Orthokeratology is a process that uses custom made gas permeable contact lenses to temporarily reshape the contour of your cornea (the clear outermost layer of your eye) to reduce myopia (short-sightedness). Orthokeratology is also known as Ortho-K, corneal refractive therapy or corneal reshaping.

Here at Athenry Opticians we use a Medmont topographer to take a detailed map of the cornea the front surface of the eye, this map is used to make a corresponding custom made contact lens for you, as you sleep the contact lens gently moulds your cornea into the shape required for you to see clearly without glasses or contact lenses.

Orthokeratology lenses are worn at night while you sleep and then you can go glasses or contact free during the day.

Myopia Control using Orthokeratology

Research om myopia (short sight) has indicated that Ortho-K can dramatically reduce, or even stop the progression of myopia in children, subsequently reducing the risk of the eye diseases associated with myopia.

Children & Ortho-K

Ortho-K is a great alternative children as the contact lenses are only worn at night and parents can be involved with the handling of the lenses in the morning and the evening, and there is less of an issue with wearing, breaking or losing lenses or glasses as nothing is worn during the day.

Who is suitable for Ortho-K

Good canditates for ortho-K include, children, teenagers and adults under 40. OrthoK is also a benefical where wearing glasses or contact lenses during the day can be a hinderance such as police officers, military personnel, professional athletes, lifeguards etc

Custom Contact Lenses

Custom contact lenses are tailor made soft contact lenses for to suit your exact eye shape. They are often the best choice if you have struggled to achieve a comfortable fit with previous contact lens or adequate vision.

If you think about it one show size doesn’t fit all people and it is the same with contact lenses. Using a topographer here at Athenry Opticians we can take a map of the front surface of your eye and send it to out contact lenses manufacturers to get the contact lenses made in the curvature and prescription that suits you to ensure a really comfortable fit and clear vision.

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